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Achieve Your Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Compliance Goals


AMC On-line Media Services (OMS) helps ad servers, online publishers, and intermediary ad agencies comply with Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines. OMS is an Associate Auditing Member of the IAB that performs independent, third party audit and certification of online publishers, third party networks and ad agencies. OMS has extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • Online Ad Measurement and Audit Magnifying Glass
  • Information Technology Audit
  • Information Security
  • Regulatory Compliance Audit

Our expertise is complimented by our proprietary audit methodologies and technologies, ensuring our clients are in compliance with the respective IAB guidelines. Specifically, OMS can help your company achieve compliance with IAB audit guidelines including:

        • Click Measurement
        • Ad Impression
        • Broadband Video
        • Rich Internet
        • Audience Reach
        • Lead Generation (Best Practices)

Online publishers, third party networks and ad agencies who embrace the spirit of compliance - strong ethics, fairness in billing, reliable reporting - will minimize liability, re-enforce credibility and strengthen customer trust in the marketplace.

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